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Please choose what best describes your experience at Peaceful Legal…
“Office atmosphere I thought it was great
Understanding of legal issue and paperwork I thought it was great
Responsiveness of attorney I thought it was great
Pricing of services I thought it was great”

How likely is it that you would recommend Peaceful Legal to a friend or colleague?
Extremely likely

If I could waive a magic wand and make a change to Peaceful Legal, I would...
Nothing, she was great!

What People are Saying about Peaceful Legal

“Excellent service. First, Mary Campbell was very prompt and responsive to calls/emails, and she went over and beyond to explain matters in detail and layman's terms. Second, she was very precise and timely to ensure that all documents were in perfect order and completed in short time. Third, her demeanor was very warm, likeable and empathetic. She exudes confidence and warmth. Our family was very appreciative of her service.”

“Mary is wonderful to deal with. Very professional and knowledgeable.”

“Mary Campbell was very professional and helpful, she made the process much easier.”

“Ms. Campbell is a true professional.”

“Mary is awesome.”

“I was very pleased with the assistance I obtained from Peaceful Legal. I will definitely seek them out in the future.”

“Mary helped my wife and I get through our divorce in a knowledgeable, compassionate, and professional way. The services she provided exceeded my expectations.”

“The business name says it all! Mary Campbell is an innovative and unique attorney in that she purely seeks to find the best resolution for her clients rather than focusing on the adversarial process. They say you get what you pay for but the quality of services and compassionate understanding from this attorney far outweigh the very affordable costs as compared within the desert.”

“Mary was awesome and made a potential ugly divorce go smoothly.”

“Mary was amazing! Her positivity set the pace for our future.”

“Mary is amazing. After telling her I had second thoughts about going through with a divorce, she was very understanding. She didn't even charge me a cancellation fee when I cancelled my mediation appointment. She said she wished us the best and that she would continue to be there for us if we needed to come in and talk to her about anything. I felt like she truly cares about her clients on a personal level and really does have our best interest in mind. If every attorney were as wonderful as her, family law wouldn't be as painful as it is for most who us who have to navigate it. Thank you, Mary. You're the best!”

“I was very pleased with the results from Peaceful Legal and Mary. Im forever grateful!”

“Most honest and professing legal service in the high desert!”

“Nice lady”